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3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal - Stage Rage Magazine Stage Rage Magazine

3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal


 If you were ever a fan of the bands from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era, you’re probably going to find some enjoyment from the new 12 song installment by 3 Inches Of Blood titled Long Live Heavy Metal. The whole album is pretty much a nod to that era where the band fully remembers what influenced them. You may find yourself reminded ofRob Halford’s falsetto vocals that he pulled off or perhaps Iron Maiden’s speed. Even the titles of the songs such as “Metal Woman” or “Leather Lord” might kick in the nostalgia for those who have missed that era. This very album is proof that no matter how old a band is or even if they aren’t together anymore, the argument over a band being relevant is ridiculous.

Long Live Heavy Metal is going to be able to keep your attention with fast riffs, unrelenting solos and even a couple well made instrumentals that I didn’t quite expect, which are “Chief and the Blade” and “One For the Ditch”. I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind if 3 Inches of Blood would release a instrumental album.

You’ll have to understand that the band goes through lineup changes to the point where the original founding members aren’t in the band anymore and Cam Pipes is the only consistent member in all of their albums. New to the lineup is Bryan Stroud who formerly played in Fear Factory, allowing him to give his sound to the mixture.

While being a fan of music that influenced this band, you also have to be welcoming for the constant falsetto vocals of Cam Pipes, because that’s almost all he does. If you’re a fan of that, great, you’ll love this album all the way through. However, there are listeners like me who would like to see the vocals show something else. While I do appreciate falsetto vocals when sparingly uses such as Judas Priest’s Painkiller” and Pantera’s “Shattered”, too much of it can make the music drag no matter how great the album is instrumentally.

All of that aside, Long Live Heavy Metal is a damn good album that will keep the fans happy. In fact if you’re already a fan of 3 Inches Of Blood, you don’t need me to sell this album to you.  You will most likely already have it by the time you read any of this.

Metal Woman
My Sword Will Not Sleep  
Leather Lord
Chief And The Blade
Dark Messenger
Look Out
4000 Torches
Leave It On The Ice
Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)
Storming Juno
Men Of Fortune
One For The Ditch


By Drake


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