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Meshuggah – Koloss

Meshuggah – Koloss Music Review


So, we just had some new releases that came out late March and what am I looking for?  Something deep. Something that is going to challenge you intellectually.Why not listen to a band who writes lyrics that will be difficult to make out what they are talking about in a good way? Why not listen to a band who will use 8-string guitars and refrain from writing music that would look like binary code on tablature? I’ll get to the point here and just tell you to hurry up and listen toMeshuggah’s Koloss. This isn’t your ordinary metal; this is progressive music for metalheads who like to read about interesting things just because they want to!

If you’re new to Meshuggah, you might think of the band as a cranked up version of Tool and familiar fans of the band will know what to expect. You’re going to find very challenging and technical riffs with drumming that compliments the direction of the music and so very familiar vocals. As soon as I put this CD into my car, I knew this was going to get a good review.

The biggest reason why Koloss is such a good example of what Meshuggah‘s is capable of is the fact that while so many progressive bands tend to write music that just drones and loses your attention, this album goes in different speeds where “I Am Colossus” starts the album in a very slow place, which works with the imagery of a colossus and then picks up with the second song, “The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance”.

    If you’re the kind of listener who will mostly be around hard rock like Alter Bridge, or Adelita’s Way, this is going to be a difficult album for you to listen to. If you have ever found yourself thinking “I like what Tool does, but I want something in a harder sound” then go get Koloss. “Behind the Sun”, “Swarm” and the instrumental, “The Last Vigil” will change pace and flex the muscles of technicality that made this band so well known.

“I Am Colossus”

“The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance”

“Do Not Look Down”

“Behind the Sun”  

“The Hurt That Finds You First”  


“Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion”



“The Last Vigil”

By Drake


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