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Nox Aeris- The New CD by Janus - Stage Rage Magazine Stage Rage Magazine

Nox Aeris- The New CD by Janus

Nox Aeris- The New CD by Janus


Janus has released their newest CD; “Nox Aeris” which is a breath of fresh air from the Chicago based band. There is a uniqueness to the band that resonates to the time of the late ninety’s but, with a current flare. There are many levels of intricate musicianship on the CD that a person must truly sit and absorb to appreciate.

Janus creates more then just music on their current release but, more of an atmosphere of emotion. It could honestly work as a soundtrack as it picks you up and absorbs you into a mood. Singer David Scotney has an ethereal tone to his voice when the song and lyrics call for soft and melodic vocals. It feels like the song is being breathed in your ear from behind. It could almost be construed as creepy which lends itself to the mood the music creates. David Scotney is extremely talented to be able to pull off a theatrical presentation from his voice alone.

The CD has an interesting concept to me of building anticipation. Each song seems to grow with introspect and emotion to a climax which makes you want to keep listening. Through darkness creeps the industrious sounds and electronic elements building to angry distortion, powerful vocals, and tight riffs. It is the type of music a person relates to having been beat down, torn up, thrown over the edge and then rising again as the Phoenix you were meant to be and showing the world who you have become.

One of the heaviest tracks on the disc is “A Promise To No One.” This song is sure to be a live show pleaser to get the audience pumped up and banging heads and fists. On a softer note, there is “Always Rains,” which is a hauntingly beautiful ballad. If you are looking for a band to sink your teeth into then you should give Janus a listen.


Track Listing

01. In Flames
02. Stains
03. Lifeless
04. Promise To No One
05. Pound Of Flesh
06. Waive
07. Stray
08. Numb
09. Always Rains*
10. Polarized

By Becky


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