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Overkill – The Electric Age

Overkill – The Electric Age


You hungry for more thrash? I am and that’s why I’m excited over Overkill’s new album, The Electric Age, their 16th studio release, not to mention the 3 live albums, eps, and covers, etc they have released. Overkill has been around since the early 80’s and they sure as Hell are not stopping anytime soon. Over the 30+ yrs in their career, they have had a number of lineup changes and the lineup today helps create an album that is going to be one of the best in thrash for this year.

Going over the songs, even the titles express the attitude that fans know of the genre. “Come And Get It”, “Wish You Were Dead” and “Old Wounds, New Scars” show us exactly why the band has had its following for so long. Bobby Ellsworth keeps his voice strong while the band is also sharp instrumentally. With all of the tracks on this record, I must say that the best one in my opinion would be “Black Daze”.

Not only are the songs great, but the album, coming in just under an hour, has a great sound quality that feels clean without sounding like it’s polished to the point where it feels like the band is hiding something. If you have never heard of Overkill, pick up The Electric Age and find out for yourself why they have been around for so long.


Come and Get It
Electric Rattlesnake
 Wish You Were Dead
Black Daze
Save Yourself
Drop the Hammer Down
21st Century Man
Old Wounds, New Scars
                                                                         All Over But the Shouting
Good Night


By Drake


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